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CUTCSA is the biggest public transportation company in Uruguay. And this is the most consumed webapp for consulting real-time bus routes and schedule in Uruguay.

With more than ​5170 bus lines​ variations, our tasks during the development of this project consisted in the following:

  • Create an efficient procedure to import the 5170+ bus lines from the API into a local DB for quick access.
  • Locally store the paths and routes of those bus lines that were in a 500m radio from the user’s position in order to avoid mobile data consumption.
  • Pairing real-time position coming from those buses with built-in GPS devices with the schedule chronogram in order to determine the estimated delay of each bus.
  • Daily exportation task to periodically generate backups of the paths for each line in JSON format (for easy migration).
  • Including frequent position-checking to cut the street lines properly

Technologies Involved

  • PHP
  • Angular
  • NodeJs
  • Mysql


  • Google Maps API
  • Sass
  • Bootstrap
  • Sketch